Exciting Developments with RAW

April 25, 2013 7:30pm – 12am


There were so many people at the RAW March showcase, that we were upgraded from the Rave Bar to the Eagles Hall.
Also, the doors open at 7:30pm, so there will be some time to swing  by before the Bass Structures Performance starts.

There are going to be many artists across disciplines that will be showing off what they do.   And, I am super excited about all of it!  Now, until April 23rd, I will be writing a little about each of them, so that you can get an idea of the great things to expect.

Today’s Featured Artists:

Elle –  A Visual Artist from Milwaukee: http://www.rawartists.org/ellejane

From Elle’s RAW Profile:  “I am an introvert with a loud mind. Art gives me a voice and allows people to visually see every side of myself that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to show. I’m not a very conventional person; I admire the peculiar things in life. When I create, I hope to discover something new about myself and also gain some insight along the way. I never shy away from change or new experience.”

Aleksandra – A Fusion Belly Dance Performer from Madison:  http://www.rawartists.org/bukovic10

From Aleksandra’s RAW Profile:  “I’m a fusion belly dance performer who specializes in the electro tribal dance form. I have 5 years of dance and karate training. Music is extremely important to my performances because it is the foundational heartbeat that keeps the creative energy alive. I favor the Eastern European and North Indian cultural styles as a homage and dedication to my family and our cultural heritage. The name ‘Electro’ comes from the breath of electronic music and ‘Tribal’ comes from the tribal fusion belly dance genre and performance art. I solo frequently in the Madison area as well as a working collaborator with two dance/ vaudeville troupes touring in the midwest.”

Once again, tickets are $10 and can be purchased via the RAW Artists website.  April 25th at The Rave!!!  Don’t miss it!



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