Today’s Featured Artists:

Julia Levine – a photographer from Milwaukee, WI

From Julia’s RAW Artist’s Profile:  “I am an 18 year old girl living in Madison, WI.  I’ve found that photography provides me with a unique perspective on the world, one that allows me to find the beauty in the ordinary and inspiration in the light.”

e.kay – a fashion designer from Chicago 

From e.kay’s RAW Artist’s Profile:  “I am an artistic creature adn my medium is fabric.  I’ve been designing since before I was old enough to stay home alone, and have been creating mini masterpieces ever since.  I work between my home and studio locations – both just an hour south of the city of Chicago.  I thrive on new adventures, and being a fashion designer keeps them coming.”


Once again, tickets are $10 and can be purchased via the RAW Artists website:  April 25th at The Rave!!!  Don’t miss it!

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