Today’s Featured RAW Artists

Took a break last night in observance of Tax Day.  Hope you all got them done!  🙂

ImageScott Hatton:

from Scott’s RAW Artist profile:
I’ve been in Milwaukee now for over 18 years. Typically I like to do nature scenes in oil on canvas but have been branching out recently and diving into rustic old Milwaukee and it’s roots. My latest series titled “Gritty Milwaukee” takes a closer look at how the natural world transforms the man-made, and how rusty old things of the past can become beautiful artworks in the present. I’m an architect by trade and naturally a designer. I do many things: paintings, murals, custom motorcycle paintings, corporate logos, tattoo designs and anything else in the design realm the peaks my interest. I’ve been trying to make a name for myself in Milwaukee for many years and it’s proving to be harder than one might think. Over the years I’ve found there is almost nothing I can’t paint, so if you can dream it let me help you bring it to life!

crop_125144_avatar_1358442131Kevin’s Cutouts:

from Kevin’s RAW Artist profile:
Born and bred in Freeport, IL, my ‘story’ isn’t a very interesting one. But I started making cutouts on my grandpa’s scroll saw in the winter of 2011, and thought it would be pretty cool to make some pop-culture type art. Apparently other people think it’s cool too, and that makes me feel just all right, ya know? I never took any art classes in high school or college, and in some ways I think it helps me to do what I think looks good, regardless of what ‘should’ be done with things. I design and cut pieces in my basement on my Ryobi scroll saw and it really helps me to shut out the rest of the world until the piece is done. It keeps my mind off my regular full time job, bills, and any other stresses of everyday life. To be honest, I don’t think I’m that stressed of a person, though. I’d like to think that I’m a relaxed person that’s fun to be with. Good times all around. I think that’s all.

Once again, the RAW Milwaukee Showcase will be held at The Rave on Thursday, April 25th.  Doors open at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $10 in advance by visiting the website:

You can select which artist you would like to support with your ticket purchase, and the proceeds go to keeping the RAW: Natural Born Artists series up and thriving – supporting artists in communities like ours all over the country.  Pretty incredilbe stuff!

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