Todays Featured RAW Artists

First, I would like to express that my heart goes out to all of those who were effected by the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon.  The person(s) who carried this out were not only evil, but they were also cowardly.  There is a sweet knowledge, though, that the community surrounding the disaster was so quick to respond.

Here, USA Today has been compiling a list of ways that you can help.   It is a developing story, so check back for updates on what needs have been met and new needs that arise.

In Milwaukee-land, there is art.

add_1_25591Today’s first RAW: Milwaukee featured artist is Martha Kubic, a photographer from Chicago.  You can see her work at:

From Martha’s RAW Artist Profile:  “As a recent college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography I moved to the city of Chicago to start a career as a visual artist. I work primarily with film and recently got into working with 19th century processes. I love experimenting with various methods of photography and that has been the driving force behind my work. Recently, after major changes in my life, photography has been a source of therapy for me as I document my new surroundings, my old life, my emotions and my new perspective on what it feels like to be alive.”

add_4_26025Today’s second RAW: Milwaukee featured artist is Allison Eve, a painter from Milwaukee.  You can see her work at:

From Allison’s RAW Artist Profile:  “I am inspired by my mother for always supporting me in art, my own life happenings, the stories of others, artists like Charmaine Olivia, Miss Christine Wu, Pascal Villcolet and so many more, it changes every day.”

Tickets for the April 25th RAW Showcase Event at The Rave in Milwaukee can be purchased by visiting  Hope to see you there!

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