About the Artist


From a recent Bass Structures interview for PBS

My studio practice over the last several years has involved harnessing the power of sound to arrange paint on canvas.  The concept is something that was developed in the collaborative project, Bass Structures: The Mark of Sound, with Michigan based artist Collin Schipper. 

My work with the project has completely shifted the way that I approach art creation.  Beyond my intrigue of harnessing energy systems (i.e. sound), I am specifically interested in exploring the integration of modern humanity and technology.  As our dependency on technology increases, there is a quickly thinning line separating us and “it”. The fact that I am currently typing on an extension of my memory and am dependent on infrastructure to safely drink water, make me realize that the use of sound as a brush only begins to engage with that discourse.

I have embraced a diverse range of projects and problems to address professionally over my recent history.  I have pursued excitingly unconventional spaces and audiences for my work, and am continually inspired by collaborative efforts.  Some of my collaboration has included work with Timothy Westbrook, producing material for his Art Waste Collection debuted at his recent fashion show titled Legacy, set design for the 551 Project, as well as my daily approach to work with Fritz Accents

I live and work in Milwaukee, WI with my loving partner, Charity Harvey, and our two beautiful children.


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